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Animated Translation Video:  Creating a new protein from the information recorded in DNA




This 2.5 minute video was produced by the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Australia, and is hosted on their YouTube Video Channel.

Drew Berry, producer, 2003.


What you will see in this video:


 First, you'll see the "messenger" RNA (in yellow) as it is being transported to the ribosome (in purple/blue) where it will be read (one codon at a time) and translated to create a new protein.



You'll also see the "transfer" RNA (in green) carrying their individual amino acids (in red) that will be used to create the new protein. You also go inside the ribosome to see the transfer RNA entering and exiting the ribosome, as they deliver their amino acid cargo.


Finally, you'll see the string of amino acids exiting from the ribosome as new amino acids are added to the chain. That chain will then be folded up to form the new protein.